About Us

Summit Arabia is a full suite event services company supporting organizations, event organizers, and event management companies to plan and organize their events meticulously. Our top-quality professional team has local and global expertise to cater to a variety of client’s requirements. We focus on attention to detail, and our team works closely with clients to streamline services, setting the proper tone & style of the event, ensuring client satisfaction.


Summit Arabia is contemplating support from the partners & clients to add memorable experiences to its portfolio to increase its market share and create value-add to the event industry by accomplishing its mission and goals.


To serve the BEST to the clients by crafting unique experiences with our services. To become one of the most opted event services companies operating in diverse sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our Message

We strive to build strong business relationships with our clientele by providing customized services using proven strategies, innovative ideas, limitless resources, and professional expertise…above and beyond what they expect in a timely manner.

Working at Summit Arabia

Summit Arabia believes in an open-door policy, promoting and sustaining genuine employee engagement. An inclusive work culture that’s strong, dependable, and intuitive allows employees to be heard & valued and work efficiently and effortlessly. A positive atmosphere to accomplish a shared mission and common purpose.

Our Services

E-shot campaign

Documentary and film production

Design & Artwork development

Entertainment events

Call center services

Social Media

Media events

Decoration & Stand Production

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Live broadcast platform

Live streaming can add that tech element to your event and create an interactive platform that leaves your audience engaged and entertained, while offering additional revenue streams.

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